Class Simplepay::Support::Field
In: lib/simplepay/support/field.rb
Parent: Object
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Represents a data field which will ultimately populate a Simple Pay form. These fields are often unique to their service.


<=>   new   required?   service_name   to_input   to_s  

Included Modules



ALLOWED_OPTIONS = [:as, :class, :required, :value]


name  [R]  The name of the field used in your local program (may be different than the service name)
service  [R]  The parent service of the field

Public Class methods

name:Name which is used when referring to this field in the code.
options:An optional hash of field options.


as:Overrides the name when used by the service to the exact string or symbol (camelized) given.
class:Delegate the value mechanics to a separate class.
required:Tells whether or not this field is required for its service.
value:Set the value of the field at initialization.

Example, :required => true, :as => 'ExAmplE'), :class => Simplepay::Support::Boolean, :value => true)


# File lib/simplepay/support/field.rb, line 37
      def initialize(service, name, options)
        @service, @name, @options = service, name, normalize_options!(options)
        @delegate   = options[:class]
        @value      = nil
        self.value  = options[:value] if options[:value]

Public Instance methods

Sorting is based solely by service_name.


# File lib/simplepay/support/field.rb, line 101
      def <=>(o)
        self.service_name <=> o.service_name

Returns true if the field is required for the service.


# File lib/simplepay/support/field.rb, line 65
      def required?
        @options[:required] ? true : false

Returns the name of the field used by the service. This may be different than the Ruby name given to the field.

Symbol names (or :as options) are camelized. If this is not desired, use a String, instead.


# File lib/simplepay/support/field.rb, line 51
      def service_name
        source = @options[:as] || @name
        case source
        when Symbol

Converts a Field into an HTML HIDDEN INPUT element as a string.


# File lib/simplepay/support/field.rb, line 72
      def to_input
        raise(RequiredFieldMissing, "Missing Required Field value for #{name}") if required? && value.blank?
        value.blank? ? '' : html_input_tag

Alias for service_name