Class Simplepay::Support::Amount
In: lib/simplepay/support/amount.rb
Parent: Object
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Amazon often represents dollar values as a combination of a value and a currency. In several types of requests, the combination is required for communication.

At the present time, Amazon only uses USD.


amount=   currency=   new   to_s  


amount  [R] 
currency  [R] 

Public Class methods


# File lib/simplepay/support/amount.rb, line 18
      def initialize(amount, currency = Simplepay::Currency::USD)
        self.amount   = amount
        self.currency = currency

Public Instance methods

Sets the amount of the currency value, such as "1" for 1 USD. This amount cannot be negative.


# File lib/simplepay/support/amount.rb, line 28
      def amount=(amount)
        raise(ArgumentError, "Amount cannot be nil") unless amount
        raise(ArgumentError, "Amount cannot be negative") if amount < 0
        @amount =

Sets the type of currency to use in the transaction. The parameter can either be a known currency code (see Simplepay::Currency) or a custom Simplepay::Currency::Currency instance.


# File lib/simplepay/support/amount.rb, line 39
      def currency=(currency)
        raise(ArgumentError, "Invalid currency, expected Simplepay::Support::Currency or currency code string.") unless currency.kind_of?(Simplepay::Support::Currency) || currency.kind_of?(String)
        if currency.kind_of?(String)
          currency =  Simplepay::Currencies.detect { |c| c.code == currency } ||
                      raise(ArgumentError, "Invalid currency, '#{currency}'. Must be one of: #{Simplepay::Currencies.join(', ')}")
        @currency = currency


# File lib/simplepay/support/amount.rb, line 48
      def to_s
        "#{currency.code} #{currency.format % amount}"