Class Simplepay::Services::Standard
In: lib/simplepay/services/standard.rb
Parent: Service
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The Amazon Simple Pay Standard service is used for one-time payments.

Simple Pay Standard Fields

Required Fields

The following attributes are required when creating a Simple Pay Standard form (in addition to those listed in +Simplepay::Service+):

amount:The dollar value you‘d like to collect.
description:A summary of the reason for the payment, this is displayed to your customer during checkout.

Optional Fields

abandon_url:The fully-qualified URL to send your custom if they cancel during payment.
cobranding_style:Defines the type of cobranding to use during the checkout process.
collect_shipping_address:Tells Amazon whether or not to ask for shipping address and contact information.
immediate_return:Immediately returns the customer to your return_url directly after payment.
ipn_url:Fully-qualified URL to which Amazon will POST instant payment notifications.
process_immediately:Instructs Amazon to immediately process the payment.
reference_id:A custom string your can set to identify this transaction, it will be returned with the IPNs and other returned data.
return_url:Fully-qualified URL for where to send your customer following payment.


    (in your view, using the form helper)

    <%= simplepay_form_for(:standard, {
      :amount       => 34.95,
      :description  => "I want my money NOW!"
    }) %>