Class Simplepay::Services::MarketplacePolicy
In: lib/simplepay/services/marketplace_policy.rb
Parent: Service
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The Amazon Simple Pay Marketplace Policy service is used to allow sellers to acknowledge marketplace policy fees. Only once a set policy has been agreed to will marketplace transactions be able to proceed.

Simple Pay Marketplace Policy Fields

Required Fields

The following attributes are required when creating a Simple Pay Marketplace policy fee acceptance form (in addition to those listed in +Simplepay::Service+):

max_fixed_fee:The maximum fixed fee that will be appended to transactions.
max_variable_fee:The maximum variable fee (%) that will be calculated and added to transactions.
return_url:Fully-qualified URL for where to send they buyer following payment.
reference_id:A custom string used to identify this transaction, it will be returned with return data.


    (in your view, using the form helper)

    <%= simplepay_form_for(:marketplace_policy, {
      :max_fixed_fee => 10.00,
      :max_variable_fee => 5,
      :return_url => '',
      :reference_id => '123456789'
    }) %>


ENDPOINT_URL = ''   Fully-qualified URL for the production endpoint for the service.
SANDBOX_URL = ''   Fully-qualified URL for the sandbox (test) endpoint for the service.